Your resort is amazing. I just came home today.  I am so going to miss it up there.
~ Guest
Excellent website. The information is fantastic and the photos were a huge help in selecting the cottage to best suit our family.
I haven't been to Pigeon Lake Resort for about 6 years, but I must say it looks wonderful. It's nice to see a resort, where improvements are made to keep the cottages up to date. I have stayed in #9 mostly, but also #19 and #10 over the years and all the cottages look great. Keep up the good work. I have moved to the Lake Simcoe area and don't really need to stay at a cottage anymore as it's 5 minutes to the beach where I live, but if I ever feel the need to get away, Pigeon Lake Resort is one of the places I would like to go. I have very fond memories of Pigeon Lake.
I had an excellent experience... enjoying the water, fishing, and boating and the cabin was clean and rustic. Our Hosts were very accommodating and go out their way to make us feel welcome.